06. 07. – 14. 07. 2024.
Lucija Maroević /HR/, Jonas Malfliet /B/

Ethno Croatia is a project of Jeunesses Musicales International, a music camp where young people learn about traditional music from each other and, with the help of artistic mentors, deepen and expand their knowledge about their own traditional musical culture, but also about the heritage of other cultures whose heirs participate in this international camp . Through learning the musical traditions of others, young people learn about equality, tolerance and democracy. For the learning process at Ethno camps, we use the methods of informal music education, learning by ear and peer-to-peer learning.

In the period from July 6 to 14, 2024 (arrival date is July 6, departure date is July 14), Ethno Croatia will gather young musicians from all over the world at the International Cultural Center of Croatian Musical Youth in Grožnjan. After workshops filled with music, dance and socializing, the participants will have the opportunity to show the learned material to a wider audience, among other things at the Jazz is Back - BP 2024 festival in Grožnjan.

We are proud to present this year's artistic mentors Jonas Malfliet /BE/ and Lucija Maroević /HR/, outstanding and experienced musicians who will teach the participants, help them learn, arrange and create music.


Lucija Maroević was born in Zagreb, where she has been involved in music since kindergarten, primarily singing in choirs. She studied Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology and German Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, and during her
studies she discovered the concept of Ethno camps, which she has been actively working with for the past 7 years. She visited several Ethno camps in Europe and the world (Ethno Germany 2018, Ethno France 2019, Ethno Croatia 2019 and 2020, Ethno India 2020) and similar events (TradInEtno 2017 - 2019, Folktrepó 2018 and 2019, Crescendo: Music of change 2019…) and in 2021 she participated in the training for artistic mentors Ethnofonik.
Her musical creativity primarily includes the preservation and reinterpretation of tradition music, and she achieves this by organizing and conducting vocal workshops, working in ethno and world music ensembles, she is the artistic director of the choir Domaćigosti and the founder and artistic director of MVA Kitice. Since 2022, she is also the organizer/project coordinator and resident mentor of Ethno Croatia.



Jonas Malfliet broke his little finger when he was three years old. Nothing too bad, his mother said. The only thing he won't be able to do, is become a professional musician.
However, it turns out he quite stubbornly didn't want to listen to his mother, and nowadays cannot keep his fingers off the black and white keys! He pops up with his accordion in world music groups such as Damast Duo and Jiraan (with Syrian violinist Shalan Alhamwy), and the eight-piece belgo-brazilian party band Euforró. He accompanies theater productions and is artistic mentor on several international music camps. In between buses and trains, he is also resident pianist of De Rechtvaardige Rechters, a programme on the Belgian national radio. Furthermore, he enjoys nothing more than jamming 1001 nights with musicians from the most diverse traditions, trying to figure out what music he likes to play best. Nobody knows which tune he’s going to play next, least of all himself. But one thing’s for sure: you’re in for a surprise.


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For a bit of atmosphere check out official video of 2016’s edition.

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BRING ALONG: In the past year's Ethno Croatia hosted musicians from Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Estonia, Iran, Australia, Chile, Zimbabwe, Finland, and others. All participants are asked to prepare one traditional song/tune from their country and teach it to the other participants. All the songs and tunes are taught by ear.



The participation fee for participants who register a month before the start of the seminar is 330 EUR.
The price of the seminar for applications after that deadline and until the beginning of the camp is 380 EUR.
Participation includes the cost of food and accommodation.

APPLICATION link: https://www.mubazar.com/en/opportunity/ethno-croatia-2024

Payments should be made to the giro account of HGM
IBAN: HR 9424840081100792293 / OIB: 30457432092/ call to no. 307
We expect your arrival in the afternoon of July 06, 2024, and if you do not have organized transportation to Grožnjan, the closest place you can reach by public transportation is Buje, where we will pick you up if we are informed in advance about your aarrival. You can come to the railway station in Kopar, Slovenia or airports in Trieste, Italy and Pula, Croatia. In that case you need to participate in the cost of transportation.
Please contact the Center office upon arrival in Grožnjan. When registering, it is necessary to attach a passport or identity card, the original of the application form with a handwritten signature and a confirmation of the payment made. Accommodation is provided in the premises of the Center, and it is necessary to bring only personal belongings (towel, instrument, special medicines...)

Ethno Croatia is just one of the Ethno camps in the ever-growing ethno family gathered by Jeunesses Musicales International. Find details about other Ethno camps HERE: https://ethno.world/

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For all questions, feel free to contact ethnocroatia@gmail.com


For more info please contact: groznjan@hgm.hr