Programe ICC JMC in Grožnjan, 2017



26. 6. – 3. 7. 2017

Max. Number of Participants: 15

Level: Elementary, Secondary school and Academy 

Working languages: Croatian, Slovenian and English

The aim of the course is to improve the harp playing technique, to learn how to practice and achieve better results in less time, to work on the interpretation. 

Individual lessons will be held daily according to the schedule. 

Practising will be provided after the schedule (depending on the number of harps) Chamber music is also possible, depending on the interest of participants and also on the number of available harps. 

Each participant will choose the program (two diverse compositions at least) and will write them down in the application form. 

Participants are asked to bring their own sheet music. 

The teacher will provide two pedal harps but the participants who have the possibility of bringing their own harps and music stands are asked to do so (in order to ensure better quality practising). 

The course is aimed at participants of all levels from beginners to students and graduated harpists. 


matej zupanGraduated piano from Zagreb Music Academy in 1988.  with prof. Marija Gvozdić Horvat). Graduated Harp with professor Ruda Ravnik Kosi from Ljubljana Music Academy in 1994.

She attended international master courses for harp with professor Catherine Michel ( France), and Patrizia Tassini ( Italy). She completed postgraduate studies of harp at the Music Art College “ Ino Mirković” in Lovran, under professor Irina Petrovna Pašinskaja ( Russia).So far she has given numerous recitals and she has performed as a soloist accompanied by the orchestra of the Opera of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc in Rijeka, Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra, Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, HRT Symphony Orchestra, Hungarian Symphony Orchestra “ Danubia”, Chamber Orchestras of Varaždin, Rijeka , Zagreb and Zadar.  Besides recitals, Diana Grubišić Ćiković has also performed in various chamber ensembles such as the Rijeka piano trio, violin and harp duo with her sister Tea Grubišić, flute and harp duo with Tamara Coha Mandić and some others. 

She has recorded many compositions for Croatian Radio Record and Tape Library.

With the Rijeka piano trio she has recorded a CD with compositions written by Croatian authors (Dora Pejačević, Bruno Bjelinski, Vjekoslav Gržinić). The publisher Croatia Records published in 2007 her first solo CD with compositions by Handel, Paradisi, Ph. E. Bach, Spohr, Hindemith, Tournier, Hasselmans, Ivana Lang and Dalibor Bernatović. 

She has been for 22 years a solo harpist of the Opera Orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc in Rijeka. and has also cooperated with most of the orchestras in the region (Slovenia, Croatia, BiH). In the period between 1994 and 2006 she taught harp at the Music School “Ivan Matetić Ronjgov” in Rijeka: Since 2002 she has been an assistant professor of harp at the Music Academy in Zagreb.

26. 6. – 2. 7. 2017
Desa Virant, Zaga Živković, Marija Matković /HR/
Remus Marian Dimache /RO/

Max. Number of Participants: 35

Working languages: Croatian and English

This Year’s Theme: EARTH - WATER - FIRE – AIR : variety of dance techniques / Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Graham, Jazz, Hip Hop, Improvisation ../ will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creation of scenes and choreography.




desa virantShe graduated from the School of Rhythmic and Dance in Zagreb. She specialised at the International Academies of Dance in New York (Alvin Aily Dance School), London (Laban Centre), Cologne, Paris and Rovinj. Since 1972 till 1996 she is a dancer of the Studio of Modern Dance, and since 1985 she works as a choreographer and pedagogue at the Dance Studio of the Zagreb Youth Theatre. She is author of numerous choreographies for professional dancers  in Croatia and abroad (Harlekin, Brandenburg gate, Exhibition, Vila lutaka, Čarobna kreda, Iz priče u priču, Zagrljaj, Ja sam ja, Tko još vjeruje u rode, Déja vu, Zar sam ja glup, Cvilidreta, O sutra, Pierrot, Angeli za Veroniku, Roda i lisac, Lažeš Melita, Lutke, Perpettum, Čarobna frula…)


Zaga ŽivkovićShe graduated from School of Rhythmic and Dance in a class of Ana and Vera Maletić. For a long time, she was a soloist of the Studio of Modern Dance. She specialised at the International Academies of Dance in Cologne, Paris and Rovinj. Her choreographies have brought her many awards and prizes. For many years she is a successful choreographer for the theatre, movies and television.  She was the artistic director at the Studio of Modern Dance and, for many years now, a choreographer of ICC JMC in Grožnjan.


marija_matkovicShe started dancing street dances in Urban Moves dance studio. Both individually and with her group, she has won many medals at various dance competitions. While she was a dance coach in high school (IX grammar school in Zagreb), her group won six gold medals, one silver and one bronze at local high school dance competitions. As a choreographer, she also took part in breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest graffiti scroll at the International Youth Festival. 

She also trained in Tala Dance Center, extending her knowledge with jazz dance and ballet. She was also a part of the ‘Romeo and Julia’  dance show.

She worked as a dance teacher in many different dance studios in Zagreb: Pinokio, Tala, Nina, Liberdance and Osmijeh.

In 2008 she founded her own dance studio - Hip Hop House. She organises and choreographs dance showcases within her studio and attends many competitions and festivals with her group.

In 2013 she was a dancer in the musical Footloose. She has attended many competitions, both as a dancer and a judge (Battle time, B-boy Pride, Hip Hop Delight, Femme Attack, KLC Most Wanted, Floor Killah). She continues to educate herself in various dance styles and attends numerous dance seminars around the world: All That Summer Camp, Dance Factory (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Urban Dance Camp (Lorrach, Germany), Plesno poletje (Gorica, Slovenia), Broadway Dance Center (New York), Peridance Center (New York).

In 2015 she directs and choreographs a dance show called Communication. 


remusBallet teacher at Ballet Studio HNK Split, and first soloist at CROATIAN NATIONAL THEATRE SPLIT.

In the year 1991, he started ballet school in Bucharest

In 1994 starts his study at Choreography dance school, Octavian Stroia Cluj-Napoca. 

In the year 2000, he finished Choreography Dance School Cluj-Napoca and then started the Internship in Mints dance School Germany, where he becomes member of Pecs Ballet Company Hungary already that same year

Since 2001, he is working in Ballet of Croatian National Theatre Split as a first soloist.








26. 6. – 5. 7. 2017
/HR, SI/

Max. Number of Participants: 15

Level: Elementary and Secondary School

Working languages: Croatian and Slovenian

This year, like many years before, Professor Maja Virant is going to lead violoncello class for children. The class will comprise work with participants adjusted to their age, knowledge & needs.The class will be divided into two parts: Working hours are every day in the morning 9.00- 12.00 & afternoon 16.00- 19.00 (or in agreement with a professor).

*The morning classes will include individual lessons with each participant. Special care will be given to interpretation, working on technical problems and intonation with emphasis on setting the fine tone.

*In the afternoon participants will be working together on chamber music and piano repetitions.

Participants may work with the material of their own choice. It's important to put the list of program, as well as to bring your own scores (for cello and piano).


virant majaMAJA VIRANT graduated in 1975 from Academy of Music in Zagreb in the class of professor Milan Nagy. She gained many national and international competition awards as a soloist or a member of an ensemble. She specialised under scholarship of the French Government in Nice in a class of B. Michelin, and under scholarship of the Croatian Government.

She has spent one year specialising at Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Petersburg in the class A. P. Nikitin, one of the leading cellist and pedagogues. Beside education work at the Music School Blagoje Bersa in Zagreb, she played in chamber music orchestras, and till 1987 was the honorary member of the Croatian Television Symphony Orchestra.

In 1985/86 she assisted Professor M. Flaksman on seminars in Grožnjan. Since 1987 to 1989 she assisted Professor K. Janković at Academy of Music in Zagreb. In 1993 she founded Violoncello Department at Music Schools in Krško and Brežice (Slovenia). Since then she is a full-time professor where she, beside her regular work, actively participate in work of symphonic orchestra & chamber ensembles.

She gained a special certificate “Prešernova plaketa” from the Slovenian Government for her contribution to culture. Her pupils have gained numerous awards and prizes from various national and international competitions.

1. 7. – 10. 7. 2017

Max. Number of Participants: 12

Level: Elementary, Secondary school and Academy 

Working languages: Croatian, Slovenian and Italian

The Violin class with Armin Sešek will be aimed at the development of technique, interpretation and music imagination, participation in forming analytical and systematic way of practising, as well as on musical memory. 

In the mornings (9 - 13) Prof. Sešek will work individually with participants, according to a schedule (every second day) on problems such as: achieving the right tone, improving technique & artistic preparation for the performance. 

In the afternoons (16 - 20) participants will, a part of individual classes, have orchestra rehearsals, concerts followed by the discussion of the mentor and all the participants.

Prof. Sešek will also work with teachers attending the class, individually with the instrument or without it.

Violin class is accessible for everybody (beginners and students preparing for international competitions or auditions).

Participants should prepare two various characters pieces, or a movement of sonata, etude or scale. 


sešekAfter ten years of music education at music school “Mokranjac” in the class of Professor Vladislav Bobiæ, he studied violin at Belgrade Academy of Music, string section, in the class of Professor Aleksandar Pavlović. 

After 12 years of performing in the orchestra of Belgrade Philharmonic, he dedicated his work to the education of young musicians. 

Since 1992 he is violin professor at Conservatory for Music and Ballet in Ljubljana.

During last 17 years, his students won 209 prizes (79 first, 3 Laureat & 15 absolute winners) at various international competitions in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia & Montenegro and Luxembourg.

His students are now successful violin students at many Music Academies (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kiev, Cologne, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Salzburg, San Francisco).

Professor Armin Sešek received a special reward “Škerijančeva nagrada” for exceptional contribution to music pedagogy. 

4. 7. – 27. 7. 2017.

MENTOR’S TEAM 2017 are:

1. Luis Bonilla, trombone/ combo (USA)

2. Charenee Wade, vocal (USA)

3. John Rilley drums (USA)

4. Hector Martignon, piano (Columbia/USA)

5. Andy McKee, bass (USA)

6. Elvis Stanic, guitar (CRO)

7. Karlheinz Miklin, saxophone (A)

8. Jim Rotondi, trumpet (USA)

9. Davor Dedic, piano acompanion (CRO)

Special guests:

Ewald Oberlaitner, double bass (A)

Renato Chicco, piano improvisation (ITA)

Ratko Zjaca, electric guitar (CRO/NL)


Summer Jazz School Programme is realised in cooperation with ÖSTERREICHISCHES KULTURFORUM ZAGREB and is a part of Jeunesses Musicales International’s JM Jazz World program. The JM Jazz World program caters for the promotion of international summer jazz camps, international projects, jazz ensembles tours and international exchanges of jazz musicians between the JMI countries. Its main objective is to provide young jazz musicians with the possibility to gain experience working to high professional standards in major concert halls, theatres and festivals, and with outstanding jazz musicians, sharing musical ideas in the field of jazz music. This JM Jazz World project is organised and coordinated by Jeunesses Musicales Croatia.

Summer Jazz Academy is held together with the international jazz festival ‘JAZZ IS BACK BP, which received the Best European Small Festival Award in 2008 (European Jazz Award Committee). All the participants will have the opportunity to hear their professional colleagues and to perform (individually and in a group) in the festival program at the final concert on 27th July.

Our team of mentors comes from all over the world. They will work every day from 9.30am till noon, and from 4 pm - 7 pm. One day off is reserved for leisure time spent on the beaches of the beautiful Croatian coast of Istria.

So, all of you: singers, trumpeters, saxophonists, vibraphonists, pianists and all the others - if you love jazz and wish to spend 14 days playing it, see you in Grožnjan!.

29. 7. – 10. 8. 2017.
The Spice of Architecture
Takaharu & Yui Tezuka, Tokio /JP/ - Penezić & Rogina, Zagreb /HR/


Humans have been shaped and manipulated by spice throughout history. The earliest evolution of trade routes enables us to trace the trading of spices to at least 2000 BC. Human expansion, since the ancient Greek and Roman world, enables us to find spices by tracing back historic routes. Stories have been passed through history in which spices are central to the civilizations in this world. Yet, our life still cannot be described without spice. Spice has constantly been a part of our lives. Yet spice is not necessary to sustain lives of human being. What is the reason why people require things unnecessary to sustain their own lives? This is a puzzling fact.
I invite you to find the spice of architecture in this workshop. Spice makes the city become distinctive. The spice for architecture is not easily found. Sometimes it's shrouded, hidden deep within history. Sometimes it's mixed and combined with primitive or indigenous elements.
This workshop is not the one to make nice models or drawings. It is the attempt to seek the philosophical existence beyond architecture. Architecture exists not just for physical needs. Rather, architecture needs to be seductive. In this workshop, there will be diverse opportunities to understand the meaning of architecture, from long, philosophical debates between professors and students to processes of enjoying and understanding the spices found around us. This won't be easy but will be a lifelong experience to grasp the meaning of architecture.
Takaharu Tezuka

12. 8. – 19. 8. 2017
ANĐELKO KRPAN, Violin Professor /Music Academy in Zagreb/
MILAN ČUNKO, Violin Professor /Music Academy in Zagreb/
MIHOVIL KARUZA, Cello Professor /University of Split, Arts Academy/

Max. Number of Participants: 15 per instrument

Level: Elementary, Secondary School, Academy

Working languages: Croatian and English

Solo and chamber music repertoire free chosen by participant (2 or more).  

Intensive work with professor on a daily basis of individual and chamber classes provides opportunity for improving playing technique and artistic development.  

There will be possibility of playing concert during the class with JMC Chamber String Orchestra. 

This year’s special edition: DOUBLE BASS SECTION

Preparing an audition for an orchestra or a music academy? Want to learn new pieces, get an insight in orchestral excerpts or just want to start playing the bass? 

Maybe a week of “study” in the beautiful setting of the medieval town of Groznjan in Croatia with a well established and enthusiastic professor is just what you need?  

Open to double bass player of all ages and levels of playing, from absolute beginners to professionals.

The week long course offers individual lessons, orchestral, rhythm and improvisation workshops as well as the opportunity to play in various chamber formations and double bass ensembles.              

Selected students will take part in the Jeunesses Musicales Croatia Chamber Orchestra.

The Orchestral workshops will be open only to students of an advanced level of playing (grade 5 and above). Bass ensembles, rhythm and improvisation workshops will be divided into various groups (depending on the level of playing). Individual lessons will be adapted to the student’s abilities and will concentrate on technique, style, interpretation and musical awareness. 


krpanANĐELKO KRPAN graduated from  Zagreb Musoc in class of Prof. Kristijan Petrović, and earned a degree and his Master’s at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna in Prof. Dora Schwarzberg’s class.  He did advanced training at master courses conducted by Yfrah Neaman and Igor Ozim, and at the Menuhin Academy in Gstaadu, Switzerland. He won numerous awards including:  prizes at the Alpe-Adria International Violin Contest in Italy (1988) and the Vaclav Huml International Violin Contest in Zagreb (1993), the Croatian Music Institute Prize for 1989, the Ivo Vuljević Musical Youth Prize as Croatia’s best young musician in 1993, while he was decorated with the Order of the Morning Star of Croatia Bearing the Depiction of Marko Marulić in 1999. 

From 1990-93 was a member of the Vienna Chamber Philharmonic, from 1993 he was a member of the Zagreb Soloists, and their Concertmaster from 1997-2002. Since 2002 to 2006 was a Concertmaster of the Orchestra of Croatian National Opera.  He is one of the founders and First Violin of the Sebastian String Quartet, with whom has recorded 3 CDs with works by C. Debussy, L. Janaček, B. Papandopulo, D. Pejačević, I. Zajc and A. Dvorak. 

He recorded the Croatian Sonatas CD with Nada Majnarić on piano, winning two discographic awards at the Porin 2002 Festival, the Scenes CD with violist Marko Genero had 2 nominations for the discographic award at Festival  Porin in year 2005.


cunkostudied violin with Milan Tarbuk and viola with Daniel Thune at Zagreb Music Academy, where he now teaches viola. 

He was a solo violist of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra from 1991-97 and the Croatian Chamber Orchestra from its foundation to 1994. Milan Čunko was a founder member of the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra in 1994., and from 1997. he was also a member of Zagreb Soloists.  He has appeared as a soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, the Croatian Radio and Television symphony Orchestra, the Croatian Chamber orchestra, the Zagreb Soloists and other chamber orchestras such as those of Varaždin and Zadar.  He has collaborated with pianists such as Miroslava Ghera, Đorđe Stanetti and Maja Bakrač, with the Zagreb Quartet and the Quartet Sebastian. 

Since 1997 to 1999 he has been a guest viola teacher at the Strings Only Seminars in Zadar, and from 2001 he teaches viola and chamber music at Seminari Internazionali di Musica da Camera in Farra d’Isonzo Gorizia (Italy).


karuzaCellist MIHOVIL KARUZA of Split, Croatia, started to play cello at the age of 7 in the class of Professor Vladimir Lukas. He studied cello performance at Zagreb University in the class of Professor Valter Dešpalj. He graduated from the University in 1996 with top honors. He holds a Masters degree in cello performance from Pennsylvania State University where he studied with Professor Kim Cook. His technique and interpretative skills have been improved under internationally recognized concert artists and virtuosos such as K. Botvay, L. Claret, Y. Gutman, M. Hayashi, A. Parisot, S. Sondeckiene and M. Steinkühler. In the course of his studies he has participated in numerous competitions and

won a number of awards. From 1997 until 2000 he played as a resident member with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and since 2000 he was the principal cellist of the orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre in Split. From 2002 until 2004 he played as the principal cellist in the Altoona Symphony Orchestra and assistant-principal in the Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra. Since 2004 he has been principal cellist in the Zadar Chamber Orchestra and a founding member of the Split String Quartet. Since 2011 he performs with the Zagreb Soloists Ensemble.

As a soloist he won recognition while playing under the batons of P. Dešpalj, G. Edelstein, T. Ninić, M. Tarbuk, D. Sremec, B. Šipuš, S. Zaninovich, accompanied by the Croatian Chamber Orchestra, the Wind Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Army, the Split Symphony Orchestra, the Penn State Philharmonic Orchestra, the Zadar Chamber Orchestra, the Split Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre in Split. He has given a series of successful solo concerts in Croatia and abroad (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France and USA). He has also recorded for the Croatian Radio and Television and the Slovenian Radio and Television and recorded two CDs.

Since 2006 he is a full-time faculty member at the University of Split Arts Academy. As Professor of cello and chamber music his studio has grown and his students have won recognition and awards at various national and international competitions.


ILIN - DIME DIMOVSKI plays in Zagreb Philharmonic and the No Borders Orchestra, he also performs as guest principal with the Croatian Chamber Orchestra, “Cantus Ensemble” for contemporary music, Zagreb Soloists and the “Solisti di San Marco” from Venice. As a keen chamber musician he is co-founder of the Giovacchino String Quartet and the Zagreb Piano Quintet. From 2005 to 2011 he was primo contrabbasso della “Nuova Orchestra da Camera Ferruccio Busoni” from Trieste in the North-East of Italy where he also held the same role with: “la Serenissima” from Venice, “San Marco” Fondazione Orchestra e Coro from Pordenone and “I Solisti In Villa” chamber orchestra of Villa Manin(Codroipo). He played under the baton of Maestro Claudio Abbado for the 2011/12 concert season of Orchestra Mozart di Bologna and attended the Mozart Orchestra Academy with professors Alois Posch, Sergey Krylov, Alexander Lonquich and Enrico Bronzi from 2008 to 2010. In 2006 he played with the National Jeugd Orchester of Holland under the tuition of Ivan Fischer, Pierre Laurent Aimard and Reinbert de Leeuw. 

dimovskiDimovski studied with Maestro Stefano Sciascia at the Conservatorio Statale “Giuseppe Tartini” in Trieste from where he received a Suma Cum Laude for his Masters studies. He also studied with professors: Rinat Ibragimov at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London; David Heyes at Wells Cathedral School(Somerset) and Christ’s Hospital/Trinity Junior College of Music in London; He started playing the double bass with prof. Blagoj Marotov at the National Musical & Ballet School Center “Ilija Nikolovski - Luj” in Skopje. During the summers he works as double bass/lower strings tutor for the Jeunesses Musicales Organisations(musical youth) of Macedonia and Croatia. 

He has performed on major festivals in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Montenegro, Macedonia, Macao, South Korea, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia. He also appears on several recordings for the National Radios of Italy, Croatia and Macedonia as well as Deutsche Grammophone, Universal and Amadeus record companies. He plays with a french-italian bow.

18. 8. – 25. 8. 2017

Max. Number of Participants: 8

Level: Elementary, Secondary School and Academy 

Working languages: Croatian, Slovenian and Italian

This course focuses on the interpretation of repertoire from different epochs and appreciation of Croatian and Contemporary music literature with particular emphasis on surveying a diverse scope of genres.  It focuses on terminology, techniques, and critical interpretation.

krpan katarinaCroatian pianist Katarina Krpan graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Music, where she studied with Vladimir Krpan, later continuing her studies and obtaining a master’s degree at the Conservatoire de Musique in Lausanne, where her teacher was Jean-François Antonioli. 

Having given a number of noteworthy recitals, concerts with symphony and chamber orchestras, and chamber music performances, Katarina Krpan took her place among Croatia’s leading concert artists at an early age. The invitations she has received to leading festivals and the numerous concerts she has given in the great music centres of Europe, North and South America, Australia and Africa bear witness to the extent of her international renown. 

Besides appearances with the Zagreb Soloists, The Zagreb Philharmonic and the Croatian Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra, she has performed with numerous foreign orchestras(the Macedonian Philharmonic, the Timisoara Philharmonic, the Ural Philharmonic, the Rio de Janeiro Philharmonic Orchestra, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, the San Remo Symphony Orchestra, the Sofia Symphony orchestra, the City of Freemantle Symphony Orchestra, the Chernigov Philharmonic etc.). 

She has shared the concert stage with the most distinguished Croatian conductors (Igor Gjadrov, Pavle Dešpalj, Nikša Bareza, Vladimir Kranjčević and Mladen Tarbuk), and also collaborated with prominent foreign conductors in Croatia and abroad (Anton Nanut, Lorenz Arnič, Florentino Dias, Sevdar Ganiev, Modest Čikirdan, Mikola Tukač, Jean-François Antonioli, Julian Kovačev, Klaus Arp, Dmitrij Liss and Kazushi Ŏno). 

Katarina’s considerable verve as a soloist, as well as her strong predilection for the most varied kinds of chamber music playing, come particulary to the fore when she and her father, Vladimir Krpan, perform works written for piano four hands or two pianos, or concertos written for two pianos and orchestra. The music-making of the piano duo of Vladimir and Katarina Krpan is familiar to music lovers in a number of European centres of culture, and the Best Music label has released a CD of theirs featuring works by Béla Bartók, Samuel Barber and Johannes Brahms. 

Katarina Krpan’s enviable recorded archive included numerous studio recordings made for the leading Croatian, Swiss and Italian radio and television companies, as well as several compact discs released by Croatian as well as foreign record labels. 

Following her father’s illustrious example, Katarina Krpan likewise devotes considerable attention to the systematic promotion of new Croatian music. 

Thus she has ably and convincingly premiered and recorded a truly impressive number of recent piano compositions, which both gifted novices and seasones Croatian composers – elated by such genuine artistic collaboration – have dedicated to her with equal frequency. She has been teaching in the piano department of the Zagreb Academy of Music from 1995., and is a guest professor at Accademia della Steinway Society in Verona.

22. 8. – 28. 8. 2017.

Max. Number of Participants: 12

Working languages: Croatian, German and Italian

The horn class is open for participants of all profiles, including beginners, students and young professionals.

Workshop program: 

Individual classes, work with an official piano accompanist, chamber music, breathing technique, technique exercises, searching the own voice on instrument, solo repertoire, chamber music repertoire and orchestral excerpts.

Chamber music will be performed with the other participants and teachers.  


palmaPalma Szilagyi

Palma was born in Körösszakál, Hungary.

She received her diploma as a Horn Artist and teacher at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest. She used to play for the ”Debrecen Philharmonic Orchestra”.

Currently, she is the practice leader at the Academy of Music in Budapest, horn professor at the Vienna Konservatorium Budapest and a senior teacher of horn and chamber music at the Egressy Musical High School.

Her mission is to take care of and develop the talented musicians. At home and abroad she regularly leads master courses with numerous artists- Peter Damm, Hermann Jeurissen, Ab Koster, Willi Schwaiger, Högner Günter Hermann Ebner, Tarjáni Ferenc/ Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Romania, Hungary /.
She is a regular member of the jury at international competitions. Her Students always finishes high at international competitions / ARD fee, etc. I / they also play solo Horn for many top Orchestras all around the world. Palma’s publications at Editio Musica Budapest / Tutor Horn I-II, Trios and Quartets for Horns, Palace of Sounds, Pieces for Horn I-II. Ministerial honors awarded her for the High-quality educational work with: Bartók Béla- Pásztori Ditta Award, Apáczai a Award and Artisjus Award.

24. – 31. 8. 2017.
Tomislav Žužak /HR/

Number of participants: 10

Level: 1 - 4

Working languages: English, French, Slovenian & Croatian

The saxophone course is open for participants of all abilities, including beginers, students and young professionals. According to the needs and wishes of each participant it is possible to work on basic techniques such as breathe control, embouchure or finger velocity. Students and young professionals have an opportunity to master or develop a range of extensive techniques and special effects on saxophone: multiphonics, subtone, slap-tongue, altissimo register etc. To enhance interpretation skills, participants are expected to prepare at least two pieces from classical saxophone repertoire which are to be played with an official piano accompanist. Chamber music will be practiced and performed in various saxophone ensembles. Different aspects of stage performance will be discussed and practiced during the course.

The saxophonist Tomislav Žužak (Zagreb, 1978) Tomislav Žužakgraduated at the Music Academy in Zagreb, in the class of Dragan Sremec, completing his educational training with Jean-Yves Fourmeau and Philippe Portejoie at Paris conservatories, and through workshops held by maestros Jean- Marie Londeix, Eugene Rousseau, Claude Delangle and Arno Bornkamp. As an artist of exceptional proficiency and performing technique, he cultivates a wide range of styles in his repertoire, especially attending to contemporary music. Until now he has held a range of solo recitals at home and globally, and has performed with numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles from Croatia and from abroad. He has been a distinguished guest of various renowned music festivals and saxophonist congresses. From 2001 to 2011 he was a member of the Ensemble 4 Saxess. Since 2008 he has also worked intensely as a member of the Papandopulo Quartet with whom he achieved numerous concert performances and recorded CDs. He has won various awards and recognitons, most prominent being the Croatian radio Award for Radio podij (Radio Podium) Competition (1999), the Paris UFAM Prize (2002) the second prize at the International Competition Alps-Danube-Adriatic in Nova Gorica (2003) and the first prize at the National competition for young musicians Papandopulo (2012). As professor-counsellor he has worked at Ferdo Livadić Music School in Samobor for several years, where he has taught with notable success a saxophone class, which has given rise to numerous award winners at competitions and reviews. Since 2016 he has also held a position of lecturer at music Academies in Zagreb and Sarajevo. Mr Žužak has been a regular member of judging panels at competitions in Croatia and abroad. He is the creator, founder, co-organizer and supervisor of Saxophone School in Jaska, and also manages the workshop at Croatian Music Youth in Grožnjan.

30. 8. – 6. 9. 2017

Max. Number of Participants: 8

Level: Elementary and Secondary School

Working languages: English, German and Croatian

Solo and chamber music repertoire free chosen by the participant. Intensive work with a professor on a daily basis of individual and collective classes. There will be a possibility of playing a concert during the master class. This piano class will be aimed at the development of technique, interpretation and music imagination, participation in forming analytical and systematic way of practising the piano. The class is accessible for everybody (beginners, students and other professionals pianists).

ante milićAnte Milić was born in 1969 in Paris. He graduated piano in the class of Professor Zvjezdana Bašić and conducting in the class of Mo. Vjekoslav Šutej at Zagreb  Academy of Music. He won numerous awards including 2nd Prize at Yugoslavian Competition of  Musical Artist (Zagreb, 1987), 1st Prize in Udine (1985) and 3rd Prize in Senigalia ( Italy, 1984). He performed many concerts in ten European countries and as a soloist with Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Zagreb Soloists, Zagreb Symphony Orchestra, Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, Croatian Chamber Orchestra and others. Since 1998 he has been a piano professor at The Music Academy in Zagreb.

30. 8. – 5. 9. 2017
W.A. Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)




Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)

opera buffa in 4 acts

Roles: Susanna, Cherubino, Countess Almaviva, Marcellina, Barbarina, Count Almaviva, Figaro, Basilio/Don Curzio*, Bartolo/Antonio*

* - singers can apply to sing both roles

Level: 2- 4

Working languages: Croatian, English

Number of participants: 10



The aim of this opera singing workshop is to enable young singers to acquire knowledge and skills related to vocal arts. Through individual work with a lecturer-mentor the attendees will refine their musical abilities through technical work and a selected musical program - with special emphasis on opera singing. They will also learn methods and strategies of independent learning of a vocal piece, independent preparation of a score and to familiarize themselves with the technical, stylistic and interpretational elements and principles of vocal art. The attendees will work on vocal-technical aspects, the analysis and interpretation of the opera Le nozze di Figaro, opera directing, stage movements and on the skills of a public singer’s performance.

The attendees of this workshop of 2017 will take part in the performance of the opera Le nozze di Figaro by W.A Mozart. The work on the music preparation as well as the work on the scenic interpretation of this opera piece will provide young singers with a valuable experience for their artistic and professional growth.

The attendees should register for the choosen roles, prepare it and memorize before arrival (Susanna, Cherubino, Countess Almaviva, Marcellina, Barbarina, Count Almaviva, Figaro, Basilio/Don Curzio, Bartolo/Antonio). Also, bring all printed music sheets.

berislav  jerkovićBerislav Jerković (baritone), is an associate professor, working at the Academy of Arts in Osijek. He teaches Singing and corresponding subjects (Vocal Techniques, Methods of Vocal Pedagogy, Vocal Literature and Interpretation, Chamber singing).

He graduated in Voice at the Academy of Music in Zagreb and Music Pedagogy at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Osijek. He also finished a postgraduate study of Singing at theAcademy of Music in Zagreb. He finished his postgraduate studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. 1997 he débuts in opera and since then he has attained several solo positions in operas, operettas and musicals: Rigoletto, Un ballo in maschera, Eugene Onegin, Carmen, Gianni Schicci, La sonnambula, The Marriage of Figaro, L’elisir d’amore, Tosca, La serva padrona, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Cosi fan tutte, Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the Joker), I Pagliacci, La boheme, Il segreto di Susanna, The Magic Flute, Camelot, Dido and Aeneas, Man of La Mancha etc. He worked with many great directors: Gabor Holerung (Hungary), Giampaol Bizanti (Italy), dr. Anton Amstrong (USA), Felipe Izcaraj (Venezuela), Peter Erdei (Hungary ), Tamas Gal (Hungary), Vjekoslav Šutej (Croatia), Zsolt Hamar (Hungary), Andreo Thomas (USA), Gergely Menesy (Hungary), Saša Britvić (Croatia), Ivan Repušić (Croatia), Zoran Juranić (Croatia) and many more.

Furthermore, he gave concerts at the festivals in Split Splitsko ljeto, in Varaždin Varaždinske barokne večeri and Varaždinski ljetni festival, in Osijek Osječko ljeto kulture, in Zagreb Zagrebački barokni festival as well as other festivals in Croatia and abroad. Here are only some of the highlights from his repertoire which are worth mentioning: J.S. Bach: Weihnachtsoratorium, G.Faure: Reguiem, G.Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn, C.Orff: Carmina Burana, A.Bruckner: Requiem, G. Puccini: Messa di Gloria, G.F.Handel: Te Deum etc. He has also performed at many solo concerts across Croatia as well as in Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Spain, Venezuela, the USA, Belgium and China. He has worked with the Croatian Baroque Ensemble at performances of the great classic composers: Caccini, Rameau, Campra, Handel, Bach...He is very much active in researching Arts and Science and he has participated in conferences and congresses in Bologna (2008), Paris (2009), Marlborough (2010), Beijing (2010), Rochester (2011), Thessaloniki (2012), Brisbane (2013) and Princeton (2014). In addition, he also leads master classes and professional seminars for singers, choir leaders and vocal ensemble leaders (Croatia, Hungary, UK, France, Canada, USA). Besides his successful music career, he also works as a director, he performs on concerts with choirs and ensembles in Croatia and abroad. Finally, he received many awards - as a solo artist as well as a director. He is the founder of Opera ensemble of Academy of arts in Osijek.

prof Erich Rinner, Vjeran Ježek

RinnerProf. Erich Rinner was born in Schwaz, Austria.
He studied the trumpet at the Tyrolean Landeskonservatorium with Dr. Zorn and at the Musikhochschule Munich with Prof. Uhlemann.
After playing at Frankfurt Opera House and Hessian State Theatern in Wissbaden, in 1983, becomes the solo trumpeter of the Munich Philharmonic, where he remains until 2003.
He is one of the founders and trumpeter of the Blechschaden (brass Munich Philharmonic). Blechschaden has already received significant awards, among which Deutsche Schallplaten Preis "Echo" 2 times.
In Since 1992, Erich Rinner has been a lecturer for trumpet at the Tyrolean State Conservatory. 2012. year he was awarded with the title "Professor". In addition, Erich Rinner wrote a series of practice-oriented textbooks, duets and etudes for trumpet. He is a division manager for brass, percussion and LG wind orchestra, and has been Deputy Director since September 2016.



Vjeran Ježek is born 1979 in Zagreb. After his musical education iin Croatia, he continued his studies in Innsbruck under prof. Erich Rinner. He performed with IJOA Bayreuth, Junge Oesterreichische Philharmonie, etc. He graduated his Masterklass studies in Muenchen, in prof. Hannes Laeubin class.
As soloist he got his position in Karlsruhe Orchestra. He also works in Staatsoper Muenchen Orchestra, Muenchner Symphoniker, Bach Collegium Muenchen, Tiroler Festspieler Erl, and as solo trumpet in Philharmonische orchester des Theater Plauen/ Zwickau.

Along with classical concert repertoire, he also helds trumpet workshops around Europe. He is also assistent of Prof. Erich Rinner.

He is holding trumpet class at "Varazdin Brass Academy".

Lecture languagues: English, Croatian, German.